Brennan Malone

Copic markers and pencil on paper. 9 in by 12 in. Illustrated by Katharen Hedges.

[Copic markers and pencil on paper. 9 in by 12 in. Illustrated by Katharen Hedges.]

To Him

This is an ode to Him

This is to the fluffy pillows he perfectly aligns in the sky

And the sun that sneaks through the cracks

This is to the soft breeze

And the way it brushes my hair up against my face

This is to rooms filled with laughter

And the ones who help me fill it

This is to dark skies

And the stars that lighten them up

This is to heartbreak

And it never last too long

This is to reading on rainy days

And waking up to the smell of coffee

This is to conversations with you

And the way they make me feel afterwards

This is to sleeping in till noon

And the mood it puts me in the next day

This is to not feeling happiness, but joy

This is to the past

And forgiveness

This is to the future

And all that it holds

This is an ode to Him

When I Met Love…

The other day I sat myself down at a park bench

content in my lonesome

Not too long after doing so a man sat next to me

His warm eyes and bright smile caused me to wonder

about things I hadn’t before

He reached over putting a firm hand in front of me

addressing himself to a name called Love.

I removed myself from the

park not wanting anything to do with him

The next day I sat at the same bench

as I always did

Love appeared once again

with his charismatic glances

drawing me in further than I had intended

We sat at that bench



becoming closer

He told me to come back again the next day

So I did


after day

after day

Until one day I  stumbled into a empty bench

So I waited


after day

after day

I watched my heart fall from my chest

breaking into hundreds of pieces

Love bent down next to me

with tape in his hand

I looked up hesitant of taking anything from him

Nodding my head no

Love began putting my heart back together

with the weak sticky strips it assembled back

Looking all wrong

He placed it in my chest where a whole was not only filled

but a new one created


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