Danielle Callins

Copic markers and pencil on paper. 9 in by 12 in. Illustrated by Katharen Hedges.

[Copic markers and pencil on paper. 9 in by 12 in. Illustrated by Katharen Hedges]

azThe Inbetween
The whispers of a soul
mend a broken home,
kissed by loving memories.
Frozen in time with a heartbeat.
If only to be ripped,
from the pocket, of being alive.
Pages swear to never hurt.
The next time, won’t be loving.
The necklace is no longer the sign of destruction,
but the lamppost of hope.
Shown as together,
but underneath the surface-
utterly shattered.

The Lonely Road Home
The loving whispers of home,
broken and hurt.
The silence of a heartbeat,
frozen with memories.
If only to be alive
pages could kiss
the children ripped from their childhood.
In the pocket of lonely children
you shall find a necklace.
This necklace is the lamppost of dreams.
Because the street of reality is a lonely one.
Too lonely.

Ode to the Dining Room Table
I have an
odd love
for my dining room table.
Maybe it’s the familiarity
that brings the family together.

It is the bearer of
news bad and good,
of disappointment and permission.

It is there when
needed, and
there when wanted.

It held my hand,
through times of darkness.
It was there.

The tattoos of the past
will always show,
like memories of the time lost.
knife indents,
colored spots,
bleach marks,
burn patches,
and so much more.

It is the glue
that keeps us together,
perhaps forever.
For this, I will always
love, my dining room table.

Today was not yesterday.
Today is not tomorrow.
Today is Today.

No one knows
what will happen next.
Because it is now.

The day is full of possibilities
of both tragedy and victory.
Of laughter.

Live for today.
Move past the sad moments.
Embrace the happy ones.

Live for  you.
Not for the person beside you.

Make your own mark.
Create your own signature.
Find your own, love.

Because Today
is a new, day.

Keep Out
No Trespassing
Do Not Enter

Signs are just
until you mean

We put up signs
to protect ourselves,
from the pain,
that has yet
to come.

Enter at your own risk.
Fines double in construction zones.
Keep your arms, legs, and heads in at all times.

That is all we want.
That is all we desire.
But is it really?

Or is it love?
And that love
is dangerously
too happy
for our hearts and minds
to comprehend.


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