Hunter Arias

[Copic markers and pencil on paper. 9 in by 12 in. Illustrated by Katharen Hedges.]
 A Short Manifesto

The way that I want to speak about homelessness would make me look like an evil person. The undertones in my voice would give the impression that I was demonizing them.

They are not evil.
But humans will be humans.
It is human to live by only your values, yet is is also ingrained within our primal reason to give.
If someone wants to give to those whom they believe are needing their help, don’t impose.
If someone feels it is not their duty to be giving, don’t impose.
If someone wants to adopt a foster child because they believe God called them to do so, don’t impose.
If someone wants to get rid of the little person living inside of them, don’t impose.
Authority is there to enforce laws, but laws are biased toward authority.
To give power to someone who only seeks power is a suicide of our rights, our morals, our actions.
There will always be charity, just like there will always be greed.
But extremes on either side of the spectrum end in disaster.
Don’t become a disaster.
Live in moderation, and set your own standards.

Apple Blossom
          My roads have too many manholes. They may be excessive, but they grant my citizens access to the underworld. A glimpse of what lies beneath the comfort. They are all successful, hardworking, diligent people, but still live in poverty. Not the kind of poverty that makes you go out on the street and beg, but the “poverty” that society says they live in. The kind where people live within their means, go to the market to get bread and the ice truck to get ice. They have jobs that pay little, but give them more than enough satisfaction.
          This city is ripe with passion. Passion of the mud, the sweat and tears that drip from their tired bodies. These drips fertilize the trees that bloom outside their open windows. It fills the apartments and houses with a fragrance that perfectly embodies their souls. These little apple blossoms of people play RCA Victor Johann Sebastian Bach through ribbon amplified speakers. The sounds compliment the pollen and white petals in such a way that gives them a soothing resurgence of gratification for their hard day’s work.
           As if they needed any in the first place.

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