Joseph Wright

Copic markers and pencil on paper. 9 in by 12 in. Illustrated by Katharen Hedges.

[Copic markers and pencil on paper. 9 in by 12 in. Illustrated by Katharen Hedges.]

Fake News Headlines

  • Child Goes to Without Parent’s Permission, Sentenced to Life in Prison
  • Fox News Reports that All Muslims are Terrorists Making All Old White Conservatives Very Scared
  • Ted Cruz Reportedly Found Choking on his Own Guilt
  • Fox News Reports on Bias in the Media, Everyone Laughs at the Irony of their Statement
  • Americans Realize They Spent One-hundred Dollars to Watch Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao Play Ring Around the Rosy
  • Boy Asks Kate Upton to Kill Him at Prom
  • Floyd Mayweather Mixes up the Term Hug your Wife and Hug your Opponent with Punch your Wife and Hug your Opponent
  • Woman Tells Terrible Pun, Burned at the Stake
  • Man Realizes Childhood is Dead after Willingly Looking for Doorknobs at Local Lowes
  • Internet Implodes after Leonardo DeCaprio Wins First Oscar
  • Cowboys Trade for Adrian Peterson to have a Team Comprised of a Child Beater, A Woman Beater, and a Mother Beater
  • Nerd has Very Specific Needs for Girlfriend
  • Scientists Discover Jesus had a Brother, Aptly Named Jeebus
  • Man Cannot Go Out With His Friends because Yo-Yo Ma is Hiding in his Closet
  • Record Setting Two Minutes without a Murder in Detroit
  • Local Rapper Dom The Bomb Releases Seven Tigers from Local Zoo
  • Obama Drops First Mixtape “Government Shutdown” with Hot Single “Binders of Women feat. Mitt Romney”
  • New Cult, Beyoncé the Almighty, is the Summer’s Hottest Trend
  • Stacy Finally Admits her Mom has got it Going On
  • After Hugging Manny Pacquiao for Three-Fourths of the Fight, Floyd Mayweather Called Manny and asked “What are we?”
  • Tumblr Girl Literately Can’t Even
  • Emo Kid Still Hasn’t Gotten Over My Chemical Romance’s Breakup
  • Man Going through Mid-Life Crisis has a Bad Case of Children
  • Funeral Held for Derrick Rose’s Knees
  • Maroon 5 Changes Name to Adam Levine and Friends
  • Kanye West Kicks Every Member off of One Direction, says, “There’s only One Direction, west
  • Man Claims He’s Jesus, Ends up Correct
  • Teacher Destroys Six Year Old’s Dream of being a Firefighter by Burning his House Down
  • College Student Living on Ramen Noodles
  • Teenager Reflects on Time his Dad Wasn’t There
  • Elderly Grandmother is the Only Viewer of American Idol
  • Girl Kicked Out of Amish School for Showing too Much Wrist
  • Lonely Thirteen Year Old Really Wants Love
  • White Kid who uses ‘N’ Word has No Friends
  • Rapper who said he has Billions in his Checkbook Actually has Three Dollars and a Button
  • Aaron Hernandez to be Featured on Cover of Grand Theft Auto VI
  • Spider-Man to be Played by Actual Spider
  • Escaped New York Convicts Found Hiding in Mother’s Attic
  • Freshman has No Idea what her Major will be
  • Lebron James to Play all Five Positions, Act as Team Owner and General Manager Next Season
  • Girl, Age Twenty-Seven, Misses MySpace, and Money
  • Local DJ Refuses to Drop the Bass
  • Boy, Seventeen, Doesn’t Know why his Mom Cancelled his Xbox Live
  • Woman who wore Metallica Shirt can’t Name Three of their Songs
  • Kanye West Turns Out to be an Actual God
  • Angsty Teenager is Getting Really into Sleeping with Sirens
  • Tom Brady’s Attorneys Make About Fifty-Seven Balls Jokes in Court Hearing
  • Fox News Hires Another Blonde to Read Off a Teleprompter of Lies
  • Kim Jong Un Cures AIDs According to Boy with a Gun up to his Head
  • Poor Writer Finishes Great American Novel Inside his Head
  • Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer finds out his Nose is Red due to Radiation Poisoning
  • Scientists Definitely Could Cure Cancer, but are too busy Playing Batman: Arkham Knight
  • Jeb Bush doesn’t like a Family Business being Passed down by Generation and can’t see the Irony in his Statement
  • English Textbook adds Emoji Section to show how far we’ve Fallen as a Society
  • Small Gnome Found Living in James Harden’s Beard
  • Mood in Family Car goes from Bad to Worse as Jenny Really needs to use the Restroom
  • Local Writer is Running out of Ideas for Fake News Headlines
  • Drake Makes Emotional Ballad about Fonts
  • The Real Slim Shady Refuses to Stand Up
  • Writer Tries to Sound Deep by Inputting Words he Doesn’t Know
  • Quentin Tarrentino Confirms Gritty Reboot of Calvin and Hobbes
  • Disney World Forced to Euthanize Pluto the Dog After he Attacked a Visitor

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