Serenity Stokes

Copic markers and pencil on paper. 9 in by 12 in. Illustrated by Katharen Hedges.

[Copic markers and pencil on paper. 12 in by 9 in. Illustrated by Katharen Hedges.]

Ode to My Pen


The actualizer of ideas

The grasper of concepts and dreams

Weary as you may be move forward

And backward

And up and down

Don’t forget to rest

Whether it be because the well of motivation

Is drying or overflowing

But don’t wait for the idea to come

Dance to all of the mistakes you can make

Live your short life

Knowing the more you do

The sooner you bleed out onto this page

And never be remembered

But never let it stop you

Never let it be the reason

You are careful with what you choose to say

What you choose to leave behind

Know that what you are giving your life for

Will not be a grand sacrifice

Will not lead to your fame or infamy

You do this to save one person

To save many things

To try and make it more tolerable

This life

That equals thousands of your own

You are not the first

You will not be the last

But in this moment

You are the only one

When I throw your empty body away

Or drop you

Or lose you

Or loan you out

Know that what you have done for me

I needed

And that you were all

I could stand to lose

In this exchange

I will never forget

To leave sentiment out of this

Attachment is a bad quality

To have in this relationship

I will not remember you

But I guess you could say

I loved you


I am 18 and just visiting

When I stumble across home

I have always been bad with memory

But there is something about this dry heat and

Broken down store fronts still frequented

That screams so gentle I cannot choose

I cannot choose to ignore or acknowledge

Before I am enveloped in this horizon

Broken and jagged

Like mountains are supposed to be

I am supposed to be here

I was raised

Far away from where I was born and

I am far away from birthed but

I am home

These deep breaths

Don’t smell like home

Not at first

It doesn’t smell like smog

My home

Smells like rain

In the middle of a drought now

Teasing and punishing

As if to say

Where have you been all your life

My home looks like the mountains

In the distance are so tameable

I feel powerful here

Like I can take a few choice steps

And have conquered ground under my feet

Yet I am starstruck by these trees

These palm trees that beg to be read

Like they hold the future

Because they do

They hold my future and my past and my heart

My home is held in these palms

Author’s Note: This is what I was going for..This is from a pop culture workshop and is black out poetry from Taylor Swift’s Blank Space… This is a conversation between someone who is very very sick and dying and the person they love.. The person who is dying is saying what they regret and that they have nothing to give and the person who loves them is just holding their hand and loving them until the end…

Blank Space Blackout

Where you been

I could show you



I thought


You mistake love”

Play money

A magazine


I know you

I’m dying

Grab my hand

I can make the weekend


It’s worth the pain

I’m insane

You know

Young and reckless

This breathless


Crystal kisses


Find out the worst is yet to come

Perfect storms

Filled with thorns

God you’ll come back a nightmare


Tell me it’s worth the pain

They’ll tell you

I love you young and reckless


I’m insane baby

I only want love

Don’t say ya only want love

It’s torture

Tell me it’s over

Young and reckless

This breathless blank space baby


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